Who We Are

The ONLINE World Academy of Restorative Dentistry is a unique dental continuing education website. It is intended to be a valuable resource of dental courses and literature in restorative dentistry. Our mission is to educate dental professionals on proven concepts and techniques of restorative dentistry. These concepts are not taught in any dental school.

The courses are loaded with case examples from a library of more than 100,000 pictures of full coverage restorative dentistry and full mouth rehabilitation cases taken during the last SEVENTY years—all the teeth prepared and handled the same way and the cases followed for decades with X-Rays. This is real evidence-based dentistry.

We encourage you to check out our courses and improve your practice. Each course is approximately  an hour in length and comes with a handout and a CE self-assessment quiz. We are continually adding new courses. We have PACE provider status from the AGD and we can offer continuing education credit for our courses.

We are also hosting a  Forum for members to ask questions and exchange ideas.  We will be providing continuing education and posting updates in our Forum.

Where we came from

ONWARD has history! ONWARD is an extension of its predecessor, WARD (The Westchester Academy of Restorative Dentistry), which was founded in 1964. Learn more about the history of WARD here.  LEARN MORE

What dental practitioners will learn on this website:

  • How to examine patients with an overall approach rather than a piecemeal approach
  • Basic principles for successful outcomes that put you on solid ground when presenting and performing treatment on a patient.
  • Solid step-by-step techniques that result in a high percentage of success
  • Techniques for making temporary and permanent crowns that do not fall out or develop recurrent decay without posts or build-ups.
  • Techniques for saving teeth that most practitioners consider “hopeless”
  • New treatment options for your patients—for those who are candidates for sophisticated dentistry and for those who are not
  • Techniques for fabricating Double-Tilt Precision Attachment Case for both implant and natural tooth abutments. This is the best removable partial denture ever invented and has one of the best track records for longevity in Dentistry.
  • How to manage difficult cases and transition periods so that you don’t lose control of patients.

Please note: We are in the process of applying for status as a provider of continuing education.

Meet Our Advisory Board Members

Our Advisory Board Members supervise the course content and analyze the course evaluations.  They make recommendations for updating existing courses and for adding new courses.  The Advisory Board members ensure that each course is consistent with the mission and goals of the ONWARD program.