This library of restorative dentistry will provide you with additional information on subjects covered in this website. In addition to numerous articles, this library includes an entire textbook on full coverage restorative dentistry. New items will be added on a continual basis.

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Full Coverage

About Zirconia (World Journal of Stomatology)
ACP Glossary of Prosthetic Terms
ADA Classification of Alloys for Dentistry
Alloys and Base Metal Notes
Classification of Articulators (Knapp)
Copper Band Provisional Restoration
Crown Lengthening (Hempton)
Crown Swager
Depth Guide Technique
Electronic Surgery for Improved Esthetics (Feinberg)
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Zirconia
Full Coverage Restorations (Miller and Feinberg)
Making a Copper Band Temporary
Occlusion (Teitelbaum)
Radiosurgery: The Cutting Edge
Radiosurgery: The Second Handpiece for Tissue Preparation in Contemporary Restorative Dentistry
Redistribution of Leverage for Anterior Teeth (Feinberg)
Saving Hopeless Teeth
The Use of Overlays in Restorative Dentistry (Feinberg)

Precision Attachment

About the Sterngold Precision Attachment
Attachment Retained Partial Dentures (Feinberg)
Cleft Palate Newsletter (Feinberg)
Implant Supported Precision Attachment Case (Feinberg)
Precision Attachments on Implants Case Article (Feinberg)
Sterngold Latch Attachment Information
Successful Precision Attachments (Feinberg)
Using the Path of Insertion for Retention of Partial Dentures (Feinberg)

Implant Restorations

Implant Supported Precision Attachment Case (Feinberg)
Precision Attachments on Implants Case Article (Feinberg)

Diagnostic Considerations


History of Dentistry

A Short History of Dentistry (Feinberg)

Science and Philosophy

About Evidence Based Medicine
About the Scientific Method
About Wolff’s Law
EBD article ACJ (Feinberg) p 25
EBD article NYSDJ (Feinberg)
Engineering Disasters and Learning from Failure
Ethics (Christiansen)
Notes from Oral Dynamics (Forde)
Some Thoughts on Alternative Care (Feinberg)
Some Thoughts on Continuing Education (Feinberg)
The Joy of EBD (Feinberg)
Theory of Knowledge

Full Mouth Restoration Text Book

FMR Chapter 00 (Full Mouth Restoration in Daily Practice) by Elliot Feinberg DDS Preface and Contents
FMR Chapter 01 Full Shoulder Preparations
FMR Chapter 02 Compound Band Impressions
FMR Chapter 03 Temporary Coverage
FMR Chapter 04 The Master Impression
FMR Chapter 05 Fabricating Gold Veneer Restorations
FMR Chapter 06 Finishing Restorations
FMR Chapter 07 Gingival Reshaping During the Preparation Stage
FMR Chapter 08 Corrective Bone Surgery During the Preparation Stage
FMR Chapter 09 Architectural Surgery for Improved Tooth Form
FMR Chapter 10 Esthetic Improvement of Anterior Teeth
FMR Chapter 11 Restorative Approach for Nonvital Teeth
FMR Chapter 12 Telescope Copings in Full Mouth Reconstruction
FMR Chapter 13 Mechanical Management of Occlusal Stress
FMR Index

Dr Mark Friedman TMJ Articles

MF TMJ About Dr. Mark Friedman
MF TMJ Applied Kinesiology
MF TMJ Atypical Facial Pain
MF TMJ Case Report
MF TMJ Closed Lock: A Survey of 400 Cases
MF TMJ Effective Intraoral Treatment of Migraine
MF TMJ Emergency Treatment of Acute TMJ Syndrome
MF TMJ Head and Neck Pain Review
MF TMJ New Modalities
MF TMJ Post Surgical TMJ Hypermobility
MF TMJ Pterygoid Muscle Function
MF TMJ Report Collection 001
MF TMJ Report Collection 002
MF TMJ Report Collection 003
MF TMJ Screening Procedures for TMJ
MF TMJ Somatosensory Trigeminal Laser Treatment
MF TMJ Success with Occlusal Splints
MF TMJ Therapeutic Condylar Repositioning
MF TMJ Treatment of Migraine in the 1st Trimester of Pregnancy