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Online Continuing Education in Restorative Dentistry

Why should you join ONWARD?

Need:  If you want to be the best practitioner you can be, you can’t be a one-trick pony and only do implants.  You need to be able to create full coverage restorations for your patients.  You need to be able to save teeth instead of extracting them.  You need to offer your patients choices for their dental treatment.  Let ONWARD show you how!

Mastery:  Let ONWARD help you master skills in full coverage restorative dentistry that are not taught in dental schools!  Expand your knowledge with our unique philosophical approach to full coverage restorative dentistry. Techniques are supported with numerous cases completed during the past 70 years. X-Ray follow-up over decades provides indisputable evidence for health and longevity.

Community:  Join with others in the ONWARD community who want to excel in full coverage restorative dentistry.


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About our Courses in Restorative Dentistry


1.Building a solid practice with ease since you stand out as THE dental  expert in your neighborhood.

2.Being able to offer unique dental treatment options and save  “hopeless” teeth.

3.Being able to treat patients that other practitioners turn away.

Check out my latest podcast with Digital Trailblazers!  In this podcast I outline my concerns and hopes for the dental profession and I explain why the mission of The ONWARD Program is so important:

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4.Being in complete control of the restorative process—with no guesswork or wondering what the final result will be.

5.Having the confidence of knowing that you are on solid ground with what you are doing.

6.The pleasure you will experience by watching your work last in health year after year at hygiene visits.

I recently was a guest on a podcast with host Dr. Richard Madow. Most of you are probably familiar with him as he is a famous practice consultant, keynote speaker and teacher. He is the Director of the Madow Center for Practice Success, and he is someone you should definitely contact if you need help in this area of dental practice. He is a real expert with a stellar reputation. (www.madow.com; 801 Key Highway, Baltimore, MD 21230; 800-258-0060; info@madow.com.) Dr. Madow is an excellent interviewer and the resulting podcast is the best one I have ever done with anyone. Please take some time to listen…you will really enjoy it, I promise!⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒

7. The fun you will have exercising your creativity and the pride you will take in your work.

8. How eager will be to welcome new restorative challenges! No more restorative “nightmares” that keep you up at night.


ONWARD Courses show you the way!

Mission Statement

Attention Dentists and Prosthodontists:  Our Academy is unique!  We help dentists gain skills and knowledge in full coverage restorative dentistry so that they can provide the very best care to their patients.  Our courses will give you the confidence you need to succeed with excellence.  Our library of downloadable materials is a great resource for you in the practice of dentistry and includes a textbook.  Much of the information here is found nowhere else.

Our mission is to educate dental professionals on proven concepts and techniques of full coverage restorative dentistry. These concepts have a 70-year track record. Our Academy:

    1. Provides post-graduate study in full coverage restorative dentistry
    2. Evaluates new concepts and discoveries in this area of dental practice
    3. Strives to advance the level of Full Coverage Restorative Dental care delivered to patients
    4. Examines the diagnosis and treatment of difficult problems in Full Coverage Restorative Dentistry.

Joining with us is one of the very best decisions you can make to further your career, increase your confidence, knowledge and skills, and improve the quality of the care you deliver to patients.

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