Slide Diagnosis and Treatment Planning Basic Principles for Successful Outcomes

Slide Solid Step-by Step techniques Crown and Bridgework that lasts decades Slide New Treatment Options for Patients Options that can help patients often turned away Slide A superior partial denture with the best track record for
preserving natural tooth and implant abutments
The Double-Tilt Precision Attachment Case
Slide How to manage difficult cases at all stages of treatment. Managing Difficult Cases

Online Continuing Education in Restorative Dentistry

Expand your knowledge with our unique philosophical approach to full coverage restorative dentistry. Techniques are supported with numerous cases completed during the past 70 years. X-Ray follow-up over decades provides indisputable evidence for this philosophical approach.  Even more amazing: it’s free!

About our Courses in Restorative Dentistry

ONWARD Membership is required for access to the courses. There is no fee to join—all that is required is your email address. Each course is a half hour or an hour in length and comes with a handout and a self-assessment quiz. New courses will be added on a regular basis, and members will be notified when a new course is added to the website.

Mission Statement

This Academy is unique, and we know our FREE courses will be a great resource for you in the practice of dentistry. Our mission is to educate dental professionals on proven concepts and techniques of full coverage restorative dentistry. These concepts have a 70-year track record. The Academy’s Goals are to:

    1. To promote post-graduate study in full coverage restorative dentistry
    2. To evaluate new concepts and discoveries in this area of dental practice
    3. To advance the level of Full Coverage Restorative Dental care delivered to patients
    4. To examine the diagnosis and treatment of difficult problems in Full Coverage Restorative Dentistry.

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