We have arranged the courses in an order we call the “Success Path.”  This means that the courses will have pre-requisites to take them.  It has been our experience that without taking the courses in order students are never really able to understand the approach to full coverage restorative dentistry that we strive to teach.If you follow our success path, a whole new world will open for you and you will be taken to heights you never believed were possible.

1. Philosophy

Philosophy is the foundation for all that follows and introduces an entirely new approach to full coverage restorative dentistry.  Here you will learn a new approach to diagnosis and treatment planning, as well as diagnostic appliance therapy.

2. Fixed Crown and Bridgework

This section covers the why and how offixed crown and bridgework.  A three
dimensional,step-by-step approach assures a successful outcome with no

3. Saving Teeth with No Clinical Crowns.

Here you will learn how to save teeth flush with the gingiva without posts or
buildups.  Also covered is how to make temporary and permanent
restorations for these teeth that do not decay or fall out.

4. Telescopic crowns

In this section you will learn new options for treatment that you can offer
your patients, and how to build a contingency into your treatment plan for
that weak abutment.

5. The Precision Attachment Case

In this section you will learn a treatment option that few dentists know
anything about.  The Double-Tilt Precision Attachment Case has perhaps the best track record in Dentistry and is every bit as good as fixed bridgework.  Avoid the pitfalls of fixed bridgework on patients who are not good candidates for implant placement.

6. Advanced topics

Education never stops.  With your new foundation and approach to full coverage restorative dentistry the sky’s the limit.  We embrace new ideas and we will examine them in the context of the basic principles we  believe in.